What is IQMAP?

At CloudConnect, we know organizations buy technology to solve business challenges (that’s a sugarcoated way of saying solve their pain).  But solving their pain isn’t without pain for you.  How long do you spend performing discovery work, generating proposals, integrating products from multiple vendors, proofing contract language, and calculating margins?  Not to mention following up with the proposal, making changes, and engaging with the customer via marketing to provide reinforcement for the proposal’s solution.  How much time do you then spend setting up the solution once the contract is signed?  How often is something missed in the contract, that causes an uncomfortable conversation after the fact?  Don’t beat yourself up, these are all norms for technical sales…until now.

CloudConnect is excited to release Integrated Quotation Management and Provisioning (IQMAP).  Built on top of Salesforce, IQMAP, is a guided web application for resellers that sits on top of the CloudConnect Platform bridging the gap between sales opportunities and deployment.  If I told you, it takes 15 minutes to blueprint a technical solution for any one of the 30 most common business technology challenges, would you believe me?  Then if I said in the same 15 minutes, IQMAP will:

  • Perform dynamic cost-benefit analysis for the End User
  • Accurately price the solution using a markup you specify
  • Transparently disclose to you your projected margins
  • Generate the End User-facing proposal targeting their specific challenges
  • Enable Email Campaign Engagement with the End User targeting those pain points
  • Provide a vehicle for contract changes
  • Provision the solution, and
  • Generate custom contract language based on the configuration

I probably wouldn’t believe it either.  But this is not a gimmick, not only is this one of the most powerful Cloud Services Reseller sales tool available and it’s natively integrated with the CloudConnect Platform.  Let me say this another way for the technical skeptics: IQMAP = Salesforce * (VMware + Microsoft + Citrix).  Now think about what equation means.  Then, think about what it could mean if you partnered with the only Cloud Provider who can deliver that equation to you.

Spend less time quoting, build more recurring profit, reduce your help desk calls, and (most importantly) feel good about providing real solutions to real technology challenges.  IQMAP is available today free of charge to all CloudConnect Partners.  To learn more about the CloudConnect Platform, and how we enable resellers like you, visit www.cloudconnect.net.  You can also download our Reseller’s Playbook, then I challenge you to enroll with us and see for yourself how IQMAP is making our own Playbook a thing of the past!