A Top 10 Citrix Provider of 2019

Once again, CloudConnect has been recognized for standing apart from the crowd. The uniqueness of providing a platform that integrates both VMware and Citrix was noticed after our previous feature in CIOReview. This time, however, it was our lead product developer that was recognized and interviewed.

So what is Citrix? Well, Citrix is widely known for it’s capabilities regarding applications, and they’re actually an industry leader in Desktop Virtualization. Citrix being a portion of CloudConnect’s backbone allows us to provide an insanely powerful solution, as well as provide an intuitive interface to manage it. This is what makes CloudConnect different, and this is why CIOReview chose to write an article on us.

You can find the article here; it’s actually pretty interesting.  Evan Sullivan, the Lead Product Dev, talks about how we integrate Citrix onto the platform, and also brings up a few points about what kind of architectures you can deploy with CloudConnect. Things like Private Domains and mspCloud, two of the ways you can deploy an environment depending on your client’s infrastructure needs. Essentially, if your client has an existing Active Directory, you might lean more towards the Private Domain. On the other hand, if your client is a bit smaller and doesn’t need an extensive network configuration, the mspCloud would be a more cost-effective, suitable option. We try to provide tailored options like this because no one client of yours is the same as another client. Likewise, no one MSP does things exactly the same as another.

Evan also talks about things like IQMAP and the major update it’s about to receive. This update will completely overhaul the UI, instead opting for VMware’s “Clarity” UI. This will make the transition from IQMAP to vCloud Director seamless. Along with this major update comes the capability for Automatic Provisioning. Instead of IQMAP being more of a sales and pricing tool, IQMAP will integrate with vCloud Director and be able to automatically deploy the environment you designed in IQMAP. Every Domain Controller, every Virtual Machine, all the licensing, everything can be deployed through IQMAP, and managed as usual through vCloud director.

When we receive awards like this we usually choose a tagline something along the lines of “Breaking the Cloud Barrier for Businesses.” As you might know, CloudConnect works exclusively through resellers like MSPs, VARs, and ISVs. This allows us to funnel end users that would like to use our platform to our partners, helping them grow. What’s more, we’re constantly helping partners with sales and marketing efforts, client acquisition, retention, and infrastructure design. Our success depends on the success of our partners. As Evan noted in his interview, one of our greatest strengths is the depth of the relationships we build with our partners.

As we continue to grow and are recognized further, our partners can be confident that they have a strong ally with us. This is the second time CIOReview has recognized our ability to provide an amazing solution, and we’d like to share it with you. If you’d like to learn more about CloudConnect, you can download our IaaS whitepaper, or if you’d like to see how we can help your business grow, you can submit a partner request.