The BEST Cloud Solution for the SMB Market.

As we enter our 10th year of providing the best cloud platform for small and medium businesses, we bring the platforms that supported us (and that we supported) into the next decade. Additionally, new resources are on their way, including a new documentation site for both resellers and end users’ benefit, and new graphical capabilities that very few cloud providers can offer.

Along with many other recent updates and improvements, CloudConnect’s website has been completely redesigned. With a newer, modern look, the CloudConnect website not only acts as an information repository, but an extension of marketing efforts, and a portal for other CloudConnect resources. The most primary of these examples is the focus on our flagship blueprinting and quoting platform, IQMAP, which has also recently received a major update. Previously, the details of IQMAP and its capabilities was not centrally located, or not verbose enough to paint a detailed picture of the massive benefits gained from using such a robust and unique tool. Now, in-depth information regarding IQMAP’s functionality is easily accessible on the CloudConnect website, allowing Managed Service Providers to more properly grasp the conceptual ideas behind the design.

This new documentation site is expected to be live before the end of 2020. This will provide anyone who uses, manages, or is curious about the CloudConnect platform to understand detailed information about how certain processes work. From actions as basic as accessing a virtual desktop from the CloudConnect platform, to the somewhat complicated procedure of establishing and maintaining a VPN tunnel, nearly all general questions or concerns will be addressed.

Additionally on our roadmap is to essentially double our existing infrastructure, offering more resources to current users of the platform, and allowing for greatly enhanced graphical capabilities. These graphical capabilities are important because as of the writing of this article, not many cloud providers offer this specialized capability to small or medium businesses. With CloudConnect’s vGPU initiative, engineering firms, construction firms, medical practices, and other businesses will have access to the resources they need to move their processes 100% into the Cloud at a cost that makes sense for them.

Most of the immediately upcoming roadmap initiatives have been addressed in this article. For recently completed initiatives, there are articles for our recent Citrix 1912 update, the release of our new Desktop Management Suite 4.1, and the major update to IQMAP.

Over 10 years in the Information Technology industry as a Cloud Service Provider has given a tremendous amount of insight into the needs of our Managed Service Provider partners, as well as the needs of their clients. As we move forward and reach roadmap goals, the CloudConnect platform is continuously improved. We owe our present-day success to our partners, and as we begin our next 10 years, more Managed Service Providers will find the value of CloudConnect over other cloud platforms or on-premise solutions. To take advantage of the powerful solution that is CloudConnect, you can reach out to us, or check out our new website to learn more about how the best Cloud solution for small and medium businesses can be implemented in your business.