How many Gigabytes are you being charged for?

When compared to other cloud providers, CloudConnect’s Policy-Based Storage offering is the best value for MSPs, ISVs, and their clients.

Technology is confusing enough. How does a business owner determine what technology they need, and further, how do they determine which provider can give them the best value?

For any client, cost predictability is one of the most dominant factors when choosing a provider. On the surface, going directly to the large public cloud may seem like a low cost option. However, when an MSP or ISV implements the solutions, they’ll find that the pricing was not as predictable, or reasonably scalable, as they originally thought. Billable pricing breaks down like this:

CloudConnect’s Business policy compared to Amazon EBS:

CloudConnect has tiers of service depending on your business’ needs. These services fall into the categories of Basic, Business, and Enterprise. CloudConnect’s mid-range policy, Business, is comparable to Amazon EBS in performance and function as a virtual machine disk datastore. With this policy, CloudConnect includes two full replicated backups of the data for disaster recovery purposes. The Policy also automatically creates a daily snapshot and the snapshots are retained for the most recent 10 days, and 7 weeks.

According to their website, the Amazon AWS Raw Storage cost of EBS is $0.10/GB-Month.  One difference between CloudConnect and Amazon is the decision on what quantity of storage you will be billed on. Raw Storage is the total storage utilization.  Raw Storage = Usable Storage + Backup Storage + Replicated Storage + Snapshot Storage + RAID + ingress/egress charges. Which would you, as a Managed Service Provider or Software Vendor, prefer to be billed by?

Unlike Amazon, CloudConnect bills partners for their “usable storage”, which is the data that is allocated to a virtual machine for use by the operating system (i.e. the virtual machine disk size). Things like applications, readily accessible files, documents, and spreadsheets are all things that fall under the category of usable storage and determine the size of the virtual machine disk.

CloudConnect billable quantity is based on the usable storage, and the raw storage is factored into the unit price.

Based on this model, the total raw storage equivalent on EBS is approximately between 5-7 GB for every CloudConnect Business Policy GB, plus data transfer charges for replication bandwidth.

Consider the following: with Amazon EBS, you could pay as much as $0.70-$1.00 per GB per month to obtain the same amount of usable storage that is made available for every GB of CloudConnect Business Storage.  As you can imagine, forecasting Raw Storage Consumption is complicated and hard to predict for a fixed price customer contract. This is in comparison with CloudConnect’s Business Policy, where you pay a flat and predictable cost, and CloudConnect makes sure you receive adequate raw storage for the data protection capabilities, regardless of your client’s data change rate.

As with anything else, it’s important to know all aspects of a solution before making the decision to move forward. CloudConnect’s pricing is more competitive, and our solutions tend to be tailored more individually, as well as provisioned automatically. Bottom line, when comparing CloudConnect Business storage to Amazon EBS, plan on spending up to $1.00/GB of Amazon EBS for an equivalent GB of CloudConnect Business storage. If you’re tired of predicting cloud storage costs for your clients, contact CloudConnect today, and we’ll show you an easier way.

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