CloudConnect announces Desktop Configuration Management Suite 4.1 with support for Citrix Apps & Desktops 1912

CloudConnect is pleased to announce that our new Desktop Configuration Management Suite 4.1 is widely available on CloudConnect!  This includes tools for deploying, managing, and even upgrading VMs running all supported versions of Windows for Citrix and RDS virtual desktop deployments.

                With Citrix Apps & Desktops 1912, CloudConnect now supports the following new features:


  • Variable DPI Settings/Multi-Monitor
  • H.265 Support
  • Webcam compression for 64-bit apps
  • Intuitive Webcam Plug-n-play

Experience enhancement

  • Progressive display enhancements
  • Battery Status Visibility in Virtual Desktops
  • Virtual Display Layout
  • DPI Matching
  • Copy & Paste from Virtual Session to Local Endpoint and Vice Versa

Infrastructure upgrades

  • Support for Windows Server 2019 VDAs
  • NVENC and H.265 with Server-based published applications and desktops
  • Redirect encrypted mass storage USB devices with Server VDAs
  • File transfers larger than 4GB with Client Drive Mapping
  • Up to a 5x improvement in file copies with Client Drive Mapping
  • Intelligent throughput enhancements
  • SSL Print Job Encryption from VDA to Citrix Universal Print Server (UPS)
  • MCS Write-back Cache v2


  • Time Zone Redirection
  • Linux Adaptive Transport
  • Linux 18.04 Ubuntu Support