CloudConnect 2021 Roadmap Accomplishments

In 2021, CloudConnect completed several infrastructure and product development initiatives, which have improved the overall reliability and performance of the CloudConnect Platform.  These enhancements include:

  • We migrated storage from legacy Storage Area Networks and Hard Drive Disk Arrays to Hyper Converged Infrastructure featuring an all-flash storage fabric in order to provide workloads with over an order of magnitude increase in IOPs performance.
  • We have introduced synchronous replication between our Boston, MA and Portsmouth, NH Datacenter POPs, designed to avoid incremental data loss should a failover event occur due to a datacenter outage.  We are also working towards capabilities which automatically initiate the site recovery process, removing the need for humans to trigger the automated site recovery process.
  • Self-Service Data Recovery Portal for our partners.  Backed by Dell EMC Avamar and Data Domain, this portal enabled partners to quickly restore folders, files, and entire workloads from backup without opening a ticket or relying on CloudConnect Technical Support.
  • CloudConnect is adding value to the Basic and Business storage policies by offering synchronous multi-site replication now for those workloads, and automatic site recovery.  As customers become more dependent on their IT workloads, we strive to ensure our partners are not placed in the awkward position of explaining extended outages to cost-conscious customers should a catastrophic failure occur.  We are in the final stages of working towards this goal and will have more information on this added value soon.
  • CloudConnect also partnered with NVIDIA to enable virtual GPU hardware acceleration for enhanced graphics performance.  For an additional charge, customers may add this feature to a Citrix deployment.  The capability leverages Citrix HDX 3D Pro Graphics enabling organizations to use more demanding engineering (CAD/CAM) applications on the CloudConnect platform.  For example, this feature may help engineering firms to access and secure their valuable intellectual property by serving CAD from the Cloud to supported devices, without downloading or caching CAD files to local devices or employee-owned computers.
  • CloudConnect also introduced complimentary in-place upgrade paths for Customers running Citrix XenApp 7.15 LTSR to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 1912 LTSR (Citrix’ next major LTSR).  This enabled support for running video conferencing applications (such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams) from virtual desktops with superior audio and video quality, improving the overall remote worker and remote collaborative experience for end user organizations.
  • Workloads were migrated from VMware vSphere 6.5 to VMware vSphere 7.0 Update 2, enabling a multitude of new virtual machine hardware version features, infrastructure reliability enhancements, broader guest operating system support, and reduced customer impact of scheduled maintenance events.
  • In addition to Azure Active Directory Integration, and Azure MFA support, CloudConnect has also tested integrations with Duo MFA for CloudConnect users accessing Citrix Virtual Desktops, including support for the RADIUS tunnel-client endpoint attribute enabling source IP address auditing and decision logic.
  • As we move towards 2022, CloudConnect is in the early planning stages for additional enhancements, including migration of workloads from VMware NSX-V to VMware NSX-T.  This will enable more carrier-grade software-defined networking capabilities in customer virtual datacenter deployments.
  • CloudConnect also plans to begin supporting Windows Server 2022, including an in-place upgrade path from qualifying prior Windows Server operating system versions.
  • CloudConnect also maintains its strong partnership with Microsoft, the QMTH program has been expanded to enable customers to bring their own licensing for Microsoft 365 Apps to include Enterprise and Business Premium editions.
  • We also continues to build out extensive documentation, and other improvements with a goal of driving service interruptions, performance issues, and technical support cases towards zero.

We would like to thank all of our loyal reseller partners for their continued support during these challenging times.  CloudConnect is committed to providing best-in-class Cloud Infrastructure value for the small and mid-sized businesses that our MSP and ISV partners serve, and will continue to develop the platform to better serve our partners and their clients.