Bring your O365 license to CloudConnect

CloudConnect has upgraded it’s partnership with Microsoft. Now, we’re a Qualified Multi-Tenant Host, which means that instead of managing the cost of two separate Microsoft Office licenses when either you or a client are migrating to a cloud solution, you can integrate your current Office license onto the CloudConnect platform.

The process of license migration is straightforward and works with any Office ProPlus, Enterprise E3, or Enterprise E5 license. Usually with license agreements, you have a specific amount of users or seats that your license is good for. When you are running a virtual desktop as a terminal server, that specific desktop (that multiple users might log in to) acts as one seat.

In order for us to offer this to our partners, we had to develop our relationship with Microsoft to the point that we are a Tier-1 Cloud Service Provider. This means that we’ve met Microsoft’s rigorous specifications to prove that we have the capability and desire to see our partners succeed.

To read our knowledge base article on how to activate Shared Computer Licensing on your CloudConnect Virtual Machine, click here.

We report licensing to Microsoft each month to make sure your organization is not exceeding the installable seats per user that your license allows.  The Cloud install will count as an installable seat for each user.  This reporting won’t affect how you currently sell or manage your Office 365 subscriptions. Once installed, our system will detect that it is an Office 365 installation, and we will submit the required reports each month to Microsoft automatically.

As a partner, you will receive a copy of this accounting of the users on your monthly invoice/usage reports under a $0.00 SKU.  It will also be applied to your to XML billing reports.  You can use this accounting to help you monitor the number of Office 365 licenses needed as your client’s organization grows.

Becoming a QMTH was one of many, many things on our roadmap for 2019. Other exciting initiatives include:

  • Joint Marketing Initiatives with Partners
  • Automated Provisioning through IQMAP
  • Another Datacenter Location
  • Self-service backup portal
  • Low-cost storage solution
  • A wide range of other solutions designed to save you time and money.

CloudConnect accommodates a range of applications, not just exclusively Microsoft applications. We may not be the only QMTH provider, but we’re the only QMTH who provides the level of expertise we do in integrating a Citrix and VMware-based solution. By taking advantage of our solution, you leverage the best server virtualization platform in the industry, as well as the best desktop virtualization platform in the industry, and you don’t need to be an expert in either.

To download our lastest Desktop as a Service whitepaper, click here. If you’d like to learn more about us and our infrastructure, you can contact us at any time.